1. June 2017

Introduction Round

Dieser Monat findet die Laufrunde nicht statt. das betrifft alle, die am 1. November einziehen werden.

there will be no Introduction Round this month. This affects all who will move in on  November 1st.

What is an “Introduction Round”(Laufrunde)?

The dormitory is divided into 4-person flats/apartments and some for two people or small families. In Germany we call these shared flats a “Wohn-Gemeinschaft” short WG. Transladet word by word it means something like “residential community”.  Wouldn’t it be great to get to know the three people you will be living in your WG before you move in? Wouldn’t it be even better to get to know a lot of WGs and move into the one you like the most? That’s what the Laufrunde is all about. Laufrunde means something like “walk around”. And that’s what you do. At a certain evening all the incoming tenants are meeting the WGs with an empty room, one after the other. In the end everyone should move in where he/she fits in the most.

How does the Laufrunde work?

The WoRe invites all incoming tenants and notifies the WGs. The WoRe does the organisation of who will meet which WG and when. The evening of the Laufrunde we all meet at the WoRe office (you get a map). Then the people start each with introducing them to a WG. After about 10 minutes everyone walks to another WG. And that’s the words “Laufrunde” origin. You have to fill a document where you do a ranking of all the WGs you met. The WGs on the other side do exactly the same with the people they met. In the end the WoRe collects the data, does some analysis and sends an allocation recommendation to the landlord the “Studierdendenwerk Stuttgart”. The landlord will send you your rental contract. The contract will tell you the result of the allocation.

What does it mean for me?

Attending the Laufrunde is not mandatory but highly recommended. If you will not attend the Laufrunde you will be allocated to a remaining WG, which was very unpopular so no one else wanted to live there. If you can’t participate on your own, feel free to send a surrogate of your trust. The evening of the Laufrunde you come on time to the dorm and bring a full printout of the “Laufzettel”. After we met at the WoRe office the Laufrunde starts and you are meeting the WGs. You will meet approx.. 10 WGs. We will give you a time schedule telling you where to go when and how long to stay there. Maybe the WGs will have some games you got to play or they will offer you something to eat and drink. During the Laufrunde you should make some notes. In the end you got to totally fill the scoring sheet and then you throw it into the WoRe mailbox at the WoRe-Office. The next morning the WoRe does the analysis. A few days later you will receive your rental contract.

Participating WGs

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the following WGs have the possiblity to partiipate in the Introduction Round and decide who will be their future flatmate. if you live in one of these WGs then you have to confirm your parcticipation per Emai at wore.str3@gmail.com
please note that you need to mention your WG number that is consists of a letter and Number, Example: E100

Helpful Links


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Allgemeine Mietbedingungen des Studierendenwerks


For shared flats(WGs):

Notification about Upcoming Introduction Round


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For moving in tenants:

Invitation Letter


Laufzettel for participants