9. January 2017


Because of historic reason subletting is also called Vacation renting

We don’t have a waiting list for subletting
We maintain a database of requests and make this data available to the main tenants as required.
The main tenant decides to whom he sublets. The WoRe has no influence on this.

Currently we change our system. If you want to register as a maintenant or subtenant or if you want to get some information visit our new System.

If you are looking for a subtenant you can either use the old system (the list below) or you can visit the new System.

New System: Ferienmiete Straußäcker 3

Old System:

Search for the requests that fits your purpose and visit us at our office. We will give you the contact information.

The list is ordered by Beginn and Ende. A red date indicates that its in the past.